WINNER – Social Care Awards 2022 – Leading Innovators in Community Engagement for Social Care – Australasia

We are excited to announce we have won the ‘Leading Innovators in Community Engagement for Social Care – Australasia’ category of the Social Care Awards 2022.

Our Checked In Care app technology provides social impact in partnership with care providers and their customers. We are passionate about collaborating to develop innovative new ways to bring about improved social care outcomes – so that all people can live their best lives with choice and dignity.

We are proud to have been recognised by the GHP Social Care Awards programme for the work we have done to help those that require assistance or are in need of support.

The Social Care Awards are designed to acknowledge all global and local organisations, enterprises and professionals in the social care industry. Especially recognising those organisations that have adapted their services and skills to the needs of their clients during the past two years of global pandemic.

On the success of this programme, our Awards Coordinator, Gabrielle Ellis, has commented: “This Awards programme is a very special one that rewards those organisations and professionals that have done everything to give the right support to their clients and customers. I am very proud of all of the winners and would like to offer my heartiest congratulations! I am looking forward to the work that they will continue to carry out in the future and wish them all the best.”