How you can consistently deliver a great care experience

Delivering a great care experience is central to everything you and your Care Sector colleagues do. When you get the care experience right, you enable ‘all people to live your best lives with choice and dignity’ a fundamental theme within the Royal Commission recommendations. Both the Aged Care Royal Commission into Quality & Safety and preliminary Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability findings have high-lit the real need for providers to focus and transform their organisations around their customers to deliver an improved care experience for care recipients.

This imperative for change is driving providers to aspire to deliver not just a good care experience but a great care experience – every time. In this article we explain how you can achieve the improved care experience you want to deliver.

What is Care Experience?

When we talk about ‘care experience’ we are referring to the way providers deliver care to their care recipients – the intersection between the customer experience and employee experience. At this juncture it is about the outputs from both the tangible and intangible aspects of care delivery. Tangibles such as ensuring a care recipient is physically provided for in a safe environment, with regular healthy meals and good medication management. And the intangibles being nurturing the whole person – caring for their emotional, mental and spiritual needs with compassion, friendliness, warmth, conversation or attention. And it’s about the business operating environment that underpins the service delivery.

Supporting someone to live their best life also includes taking advantage of opportunities beyond your traditional provider care delivery model. It includes connecting with ‘the natural supports’ that provide social and emotional connection, a sense of community connectedness and self-worth, and the confidence to live independently, that can be got from friends, neighbours, family and the local community – people who are available to help when the need arises. Building these natural supports into a seamless care contract, between you the provider, the care recipient, family, friends, neighbours and community support is a crucial part of you providing the ultimate care experience.

Your care experience has the potential to be exponential in nature with a well-managed care experience able to deliver ‘extra value’. And to help you craft your own ideal care experience we offer the following tips.

Two key areas of focus to create a great care experience

When you deliver both a better customer experience and a better employee experience you deliver an improved care experience. Improving both should be the two key areas of focus for your organisations in seeking to create your ideal care experience.

Create an ideal Customer Experience

First start with your customer experience. You must know the wants and needs of your customers to be able to craft an ideal experience that will meet their expectations.

  1. Know who your customers are. Segment and create personas that help you understand them
  2. Map the customer experience journey. Know the touchpoints that matter and where improvements can be made. This includes everything from how easy it is to navigate your website and contact your company, through the stages of service delivery and to service exit
  3. Collect and manage regular customer feedback. Measure results and use insights to inform product improvements, process improvements to meet customer expectations

Provide your customers with an easy way to provide feedback, compliments and complaints and to check out your organisation policies and processes should they choose.

Create an ideal Employee Experience

Importantly your employees deliver care to your customers and play a key role in the quality of that care delivery. Support your employees to support your customers and you will win at both.

  1. Empower your employees. Enable their decision-making ability and unblock any pain points in the employee journey by improving systems and processes. Integrate multiple systems for a seamless and consistent flow of data. Ensure your people have personalised access to all the relevant information they need and want to do their jobs well. Provide access to best practice policy and audit resources, as well as embed a feedback process to streamline and centralise feedback, compliments, and complaints
  2. Value employee ideas. Employees that feel valued are more engaged and more willing to help customers. Employees feel valued when you listen to their opinions and ideas. Streamline your communication between individual employees, teams and management to make this easier and more efficient resulting in happier employees
  3. Automate repetitive employee tasks. Free staff from time consuming administrative tasks by utilising digital technologies to improve cost efficiency for your organisation as well as quality of life for those in your care and in the process improve operational efficiency.
  4. Improve employee quality and compliance. Give your employees easy online access to best practice policy and audit resources, as well as embed a feedback process to streamline centralised collection of feedback, compliments, and complaints as well as enable them to report incidents and access audit tools and
  5. Train your employees. Ensure your employees have the customer service skills and behaviours they need to deliver quality not just speed and efficiency in all interactions your customers have with your organisation or brand. Ensure they have access to online resources to upskill and for refresher training.

The importance of CARE EXPERIENCE for care providers

Taking advantage of the efficiencies and benefits delivered by a digital system can boost the effectiveness of your care experience and ensure everyone in your organisation benefits from your  great care experience. Your care recipients get more choice and responsive care delivery with improved care outcomes. Their family members and friends feel involved and kept up to date. Your staff get the information they need when they need it making them feel more satisfied and empowered. And your board and management get reassurance from improved oversight and control. And that is something to aspire to.

John Perkins is Founder and CEO of Checked In Care. Checked In Care technology help you deliver a better customer experience and employee experience in one easy to use app.

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