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Care Worker SSO App Improving Operational Efficiency For Disability & Home Care

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Just Better Care needed a more efficient way for care staff to access all of their core systems. Prior to engaging Checked In Care, JBC care staff needed to log into 4 different apps which included Procura and their intranet. This was time consuming for staff and decreased the time available for the delivery of care.  It was also a barrier for compliance.

“The cost savings have been fantastic. The My JBC App has given our care staff more hours each day to focus on customer care.”
Just Better Care
Alison Chandler, Chief Operating Officer


Checked In Care developed the My JBC app which enables Single Sign On (SSO) into multiple backend core systems through one app. We also added in critical communication functionality to allow care staff to communicate with head office and clients without the need to pick up the phone. With the My JBC App care workers now have the information they need to do their job, meet compliance and reporting requirements, access training easily and communicate with head office and clients easily as well as stay social and connected with each other.


The My JBC App has won many awards, nationally and internationally, most recently the 2022 Elder Care Innovation award for “Best Smart Care Technology – Operational Management Solution”. It’s lowered operational costs for Just Better Care and increased the number of hours in a day that staff has for customer care, instead of admin. Staff satisfaction levels have increased, they are more productive and clients get the benefit of more care.