A world where all people live their best lives with choice and dignity

Our Checked In Care technology is an enabler for solving social care needs by creating new, improved approaches for the delivery of social sector care and support. Needs such as more effective communication between all stakeholders associated in the delivery of care, a single view of a care recipient’s service plan and service delivery, as well as worker access to information and tools so they can more easily and effectively deliver care and support. And care provider management get improved oversight and control. Everyone in the care ecosystem benefits – people who are vulnerable, unable to support themselves or just in need of extra support; care recipient family; provider management and the board; provider staff; as well as informal support networks.

At Checked In Care, we are passionate about creating improved social, health and wellbeing outcomes. We partner, we collaborate, and we engage with like-minded people and organisations to do this effectively, efficiently and affordably.

Partnerships underpin everything we do. We partner with our residential aged care, retirement living, home care and disability care provider clients. Our solution enables them to provide improved care experiences for their care recipients whilst optimising business efficiency and delivering high quality outcomes.

Our vision for ‘a world where all people live their best lives with choice and dignity’, drives us and provides focus for our work. At Checked In Care we help provide a more person-centered and preventative model of social care that is rooted in supporting a person’s wellbeing, offering opportunities for an improved quality of life. Our technology connects people and activates communities to enable all people to live self-determined and meaningful lives. Co-produced with the person in the centre, our technology improves the operational efficiency of global social, health and care ecosystems.

Checked In Care have several apps that support care recipients, their family and care staff throughout the whole care journey. Starting before formal care delivery begins, then continuing with the delivery of formal care and beyond.

Checked In Care app

Our award winning Checked In Care app gives care providers a way to deliver a better customer experience, better employee experience and better care experience. With Checked In Care providers get a connected digital solution that helps them streamline their operations so they can do more with less. Our easy to use care experience app connects you to get:

  • Increased cost efficiency and transform care delivery
  • Communication made easy and efficient
  • Seamless integration with existing and new systems and tools
  • Customised for a personalised care experience

I am OK app

Our FREE ‘I am OK app is for people not in formal care and provides support when family can’t physically be there. It provides family members with peace of mind. They know their loved one is ‘OK’.

Community Circles Plus app

Our Community Circles Plus app activates and mobilises the natural support system of a person. Their family, friends, neighbours, community resources and volunteers, that form part of their overall care and support system.

We are constantly evolving our platform as we seek to use technology to solve social problems and streamline systems of care and support for care providers and people requiring care and support. Problems such as how to use digital solutions to support the care experience moving to a self-managed model. And how to connect the natural supports of family, friends and community to support the need of people for physical, emotional and social wellbeing and a sense of connectedness to community. Also, problems such as how to manage transition of in-home care models to the new Government ‘support at home program’.

While we are well on our way to achieving our vision, we continue to be committed to challenging our thinking to design new digital ways of working that help solve social problems.

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