An enhanced telecare services platform

Care Cohort™ Wellness offers seamless indoor and outdoor health monitoring combined with an emergency alarm system, allowing independent lifestyle for seniors and peace of mind for their loved ones.

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Care Cohort™ Wellness allows service providers the flexibility to offer their customers services ranging from emergency alerting to a professional intelligent home care solution, that constantly learns and adapts to the daily behaviour of individuals and provides alerts with different severity levels, based on deviations from their daily routine.

Care Cohort™ Wellness PLATFORM

  • A platform for business growth
  • A variety of services for elderly home care
  • Flexible go-to market
  • Modular, easily scalable and upgradeable
  • Brings intelligence to home care

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Expand your end-user reach by providing value to lower-age seniors who are more active and spend more time out of the house.

Our Wellness Solutions


Advanced emergency response, providing seniors peace of mind with high reliability.

Utilising both passive and active alerting features, the system is also expandable with additional sensors such as fire and leak detectors, allowing service providers to customise and scale their offering.

  • Next generation of elderly care emergency alerting
  • Incorporating advanced voice recognition and fall detection technologies
  • Reliable and field-tested hardware systems installed worldwide


Independent customised home monitoring, enabling the family to proactively care for their loved ones.

Easy to install and set up, brings customised care for loved ones, allowing family to keep abreast of elderly relatives who require partial or full daily monitoring.

  • Flexible rules engine – decide what is important for you to monitor
  • Family and caregivers monitoring app – get a clear picture of resident’s daily activities
  • Professional monitoring – highly scalable solution for home-care providers


Personalised intelligent home care solution, enabling professional passive elderly monitoring

Providing passive, seamless monitoring analysis of behavioural patterns. Alerts family members and care providers when help is needed.

  • Personalised, proactive care - allowing for independent aging in place for seniors
  • Seamless monitoring – devices that track the resident’s behaviour
  • Monitoring apps with smart alerts for family members


Smart emergency response device with intelligent voice activation, ensuring care when its needed.

Add real value to Care Cohort™ Wellness solutions by offering your customers new ways of receiving help even when they are at their most distressed. Care Cohort™ Wellness Smart Alerting offers

  • Voice activated panic detector (so you can call for help without a phone or panic button)
  • Long-range intelligent fall detection device.

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